The name changer: How to go from Miss to Mrs.


What comes just before Happily Ever After? Piles of paperwork and a list of bureaucratic procedures to follow. Whether a bride opts for a hyphen or sticks with tradition and takes her beloved’s moniker, changing her name isn’t nearly as simple as saying “I do” — it’s a nuptial nightmare. Fortunately, Miss Now Mrs., an online site that refers to itself as your “name change fairy godmothers,” is there to help. For $29.95, Miss Now Mrs. will do the heavy lifting for you: compiling all the necessary paperwork (from IRS forms to your vehicle registration) and, using your answers, automatically filling it out for you. Once the forms are printed, the site provides specific instructions on when and where to send them. (FYI, Social Security comes first.) And while said fairy godmothers can’t stand in the DMV line for you, they’ll give you everything you need to ensure you’re only in that line once. Identity crisis averted. Information —Bradley Agather Means

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