5 Brands With Print Magazines

It may be surprising that so many brands are now turning away from modern technology and moving back towards the age of print. This trend is not industry specific; everything from farming to travel is up for display in vibrant, tangible form. Contrary to the proof that print is declining, these brands are bucking the trend, and doing a superb job of it. Perhaps in a bid to stand out, whatever the reason, these five brands have done a fantastic job of staying noticed and staying relevant in an age that is not very hospitable towards their medium.


  1. Airbnb’s magazine, Pineapple, has only released one issue, yet it is already making a mark. Its vibrant glossy pages stand out from the crowd and since they can only be found at Airbnb homes, they make the stay feel much more exclusive. With no shortage of reading material, this one-hundred and twenty-eight-page publication is well worth keeping an eye on.
  2. John Deere’s Furrow proves that, although relatively unheard of in the Twenty-First century, Brand Publications are a long tried and true form of marketing. Boasting an impressive one-hundred and twenty year print history, Furrow has gone through many metamorphoses over the years and has stood the tests of time.
  3. Given the amount of events that are sponsored or run by Red Bull, it is now wonder that their Red Bulletin has no shortage of content. Forming in 2005, the Red Bulletin has constantly increased its readership to the point that it is now one of the most widely read brand publication. And it is clear to see why, with its saturation of high quality action photography and stories of daring.
  4. Emporium by Myer takes the concept of Brand Publication quite seriously. It is only mailed to its loyalty customers and, unlike many other publications, serves as a visual display of the brand rather than attempting to enrich the readerships lifestyle. In this way, Emporium is more a large pretty catalogue than a Magazine. That has not to say that it does not have a large amount of worthwhile content within its pages.
  5. Outback by RM Williams takes its readership on a journey to rural Australia and tells the true stories of life in the outback. The Magazine has been a very successful endeavour for RM Williams, with just under half a million subscribers; they have a fantastic ability to sell their brand. Which is exactly what they won’t do, not on the surface anyway. Instead, they sell the outback and everything rural. This has led to the fostering of a very good relationship between the brand and their readership.


Although print may be dying, these brands are proving that this does not have to be the case and are doing their best to move publications in a new and fresh direction. That is not to say that they are discarding the digital age to completely favor the analogue, in fact that is far from the truth but they have found another way to reach out and touch the hearts of those who believe in their brands.

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