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Sharon Hage was locavore before locavore was cool — and a five-time James Beard Award nominee. Her critically acclaimed York Street was a dining legend. So how did she end up making menus for a bowling alley and beer garden? (And why do other equally A-list chefs totally get it?)

Culture featured

As a curator and purveyor of Dallas and Texas art, perhaps James Cope’s strongest point of differentiation is that he’s not from here. He’s not even American. “I’m English. I’ve lived in Texas. I’ve lived in New York. I’m not really that biased toward either.”

Apparel & Beauty featured

WHAT IF, we pondered, Carine Roitfeld came for a visit? What would she wear? What would she want to see? Who would she meet along the way? Herewith, our dream CARINE DOES DALLAS, then scrapbooks her big adventure (And we make the case that minimal dressing can have maximal impact. OUI, INDEED)

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