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“We love wearing t-shirts and jeans while running errands or getting things done (at least I do). But, sometimes our most comfortable clothes leave us feeling unfinished and sloppy. Why not throw on something absurdly glam and girly to juxtapose the ensemble and set you apart?”

Fashion Party2

It was the party — the fête, the soirée, the cocktail, the kickoff, the launch, the opening, the closing — that I’d been to a thousand times. Little square napkins. Champagne on trays. Air kisses for dayyys. The chatter! The clatter! Somewhere, a Cole Porter tune played. But — but — wait — something was amiss. Upside down. Flop-flipped. This party? It had run amok. Roles were reversed. Madness mixed with mayhem mixed with more madness. Something. Not. Quite. Right. And then — I awoke. I looked around. Silence. Absolutely nothing. Was it all just a dream? Did it really happen? It must have, because you were there … and you were there … and you and you and you.

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