Global Brands Magazines that Won Awards

Global Brands Awards was set up with the point of regarding magnificence in execution. The honor respects organizations that have performed phenomenally outstanding in every field of life especially in magazines of lifestyle. The honors are given to recognize key players who make progress toward fineness and give a stage to acknowledgment. The honor likewise means to distinguish, make mindfulness about the hugeness of extraordinary administration conveyance and prize their execution with a definitive worldwide Recognition. Nominations are acknowledged for various nations and locales from organizations during the time over an extensive variety of classifications. Selections got at their significant national level are decreed by free outside exploration office. To fit the bill for an honor, the organization must present precise data about the points of interest asked for by the group. Following are the award winning magazines that are very popular in all over the world.


Gentleman’s Gazette: 

Gentleman’s Gazette is an honor winning online magazine for men who are keen on exquisite great dress, society, extras, style and savoir vivre as a rule and all the better things in life, with a vital spotlight on brilliant, uncommon and remarkable merchandise or administrations.

Hearst Magazine:

The recently dispatched award winning Hearst Magazine UK offers an English interpretation of high society, high culture and high design. It has the same mind and refinement as the US distribution while focusing on the UK’s extravagance brand market.

Luxurious Magazine:

This magazine is pros in Luxury lifestyle and Way of life. This is consists of worldwide group of experienced columnists, venture to the far corners of the planet, testing, evaluating, inspecting and expounding on everything that is great and incredible.

Sur La Terre Magazine:

Sur La Terre concentrates on the one of a kind and refined. Not with standing covering the most recent worldwide patterns, the ten releases crosswise over Europe and the Middle East element territorial substance for the well off.


Luxury Life Magazine:

The Swiss-based Luxury Life Magazine is dispersed only to HNWI and UHNWI and it is the award-winning magazine. With an expected worldwide readership in overabundance of a large portion of a million, it is a perfect promoting stage for extravagance brands.

Gotham Magazine: 

Gotham Magazine is the advanced New York City way of life by chronicling and praising the most persuasive force players and tastemakers in New York. It tells how to style and leave a mark in fashion.

Every year awards won by those magazines, which have done great work and produce innovative design and styles by keeping in mind the needs of people. There are many categories like emerging best magazines award, magazine of the year award, magazine of the era award, lifetime magazine award and many more. Magazines are really doing innovative work because there are many magazines in the market so award will only achieve those magazines that would be outstanding and unique according to the need of people to beat others and maintain their rank at the top.

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