High-End Fashion Magazines

Now days, there are more fashion magazines than one can poke a stick at and under this deluge, it is easy to become lost. In the fashion world, there is a saying: “less is more”. A motto, which makes the high end magazines stand above the rest, quality over quantity as it were. Not only has this, but also the ability to adapt, kept the best of the best in the forefront of the market; adaptation from paper to cyber and all the subgenres therein. So, just which Magazines prove their quality repeatedly? Which ones stand out like the glittering apparel they display? Which Magazines do the Stars turn to, and which are ahead of the curve, forging their own paths?


Vogue jumps instantly to the minds of many people when considering Fashion magazines. Its flawless photography and outstanding layout immediately attracts the eye, and its content is always leaps and bounds ahead of many other rivals. Not attempting to cater for anything but the most affluent of readers, Vogue knows it is demographic and makes no apologies for quality. This alone is enough to throw them to the top of many fashion articles. This magazine can be found both in hardcopy and online.

Vmanis an American publication, which, as the name suggests, spotlights high-end male fashion. They take the rather unusual approach of enlisting everyday men as models, construction workers, florists and anything in between; it really binds a connection between the magazine and their readers. Boasting many fashion royals in their employ, they have had greats like Tom Van Dorpe and Jay Massacret as fashion editors over the years as well as Nicola Formichetti, who has worked closely with Lady Gaga herself.

Cosmopolitan, the second oldest magazine on this list, was founded in 1886 in America. One can assume that, given their age, they would have a few fashion tricks up their sleeves.  One need only look at their readership to know this to be true. Published in thirty-five languages and boasting distribution to over one-hundred counties, it is easy to see why they are one of the last words on fashion. Delving deeper still, Cosmo gives the reader more than just fashion trends and advice, they write on celebrity news, dating, fitness, health and more. Allowing their readership, the chance to not only dress their best, but to look and feel the best that they can as well.


Harper’s Bazaar was formed in 1867 and has had a long and happy record ever since. They cater towards the more affluent end of society and as such, they have gathered a rather smaller readership than some other magazines. That being said, they are still distributed to over thirty countries. Renowned for always being on the forefront of fashion, they have made their name through the celebrities and designers they display.

No matter where one turns, there is a fashion magazine which will cater for them, yet only the best of the best can be counted amongst the High End of Fashion. Through their ability to constantly be fashion forward and to stay relevant in today’s society.

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