Lifestyle Brands Love Magazines

A “Lifestyle brand” is a brand that markets its products towards a certain demographic pertaining to specific Cultures or Interests. Lifestyle brands use Magazines to reach their audiences and it is through the aesthetic portrayed in these brands that one can sort of fall in love with a certain brand. Lifestyle Brands are the Brainchildren of Streetwear Brands and it is the mass population of the youth that has yielded such huge growth in these fields. Magazines illustrated with tons of rare artwork is wat catches the eye of the average customer of the Lifestyle brand; Often Teenagers. Magazine Publishing Companies, which are responsible for the mass infiltration of Lifestyle Brands into the Everyday lives of Teenagers, include Complex Magazine, FADER, XXL etc. It is safe to say that without these Magazines many of today’s popular lifestyle brands would not be popular; that is, amongst the youth.


Magazines are the best advertising mode of fashion and brands. This is the reason that Fashion brands love the magazines. The top magazines that are being run through a century are the best source for advertising fashion and the brands that produce quality stuff.

Lifestyle Brands Vs Luxury Brands

Lifestyle Brands hold many differences from Luxury brands but we must not forget that Lifestyle Brands evolved from Luxurious Brands. Luxury Brands have taken their place among the less wealthy through Lifestyle Brands. Lifestyle Brands tend to imitate but not copy Luxury Brands.

The Quality of Lifestyle Brands

Lifestyle Brands are made with a much cheaper budget than Luxury goods therefore not much effort is put into making Lifestyle brands last longer. Lifestyle Brands hold sentimental value but at a shorter rate than Luxury goods.

The Quantity of Lifestyle Brands

Lifestyle Brands follow the fashion calendar so it is often that they create new wardrobes. However, with Lifestyle brands one cannot go wrong with wearing apparel from the previous season whereas with Luxury Brands that one would have to choose carefully between Seasons.


A Lifestyle brand could be representative of a certain culture or idea. Lifestyle Brands serve as reflections of one’s interests. Lifestyle Brands are worn casually nowadays and are available at a low rate in the market, the reason is the advanced machinery that helps to provide quality stuff at low cost. Beginning a fashion line is now easier than ever thanks to Lifestyle Branding therefore causing more and more teenagers to partake in the development of its growth. Lifestyle Brands are even starting to incorporate with sports brands and luxury brands. Lifestyle Brands are the Artistic Barriers that Luxury brands tend to Lack out of old age. Companies such as Nike started out as Sole-Product Brands but became Lifestyle Brands overtime as they started to launch products that reflected the daily needs of Customers. Many brands seek to represent a specific demographic pf people. For Instance, Burberry seeks to reinvigorate the 1950s London Hipster Culture whereas Supreme wants to popularize Skating. It is through Magazines that Lifestyle Brands reach these demographics.

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