Luxury Brands in Fashion

Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Prada, Rolex-The Luxury Brands in fashion we idolize today. The Luxury brands that have accumulated such a large audience that it is safe to say has acquired a cult-like following since their establishments centuries ago. So what exactly is a Luxury Brand? Why are they called Luxury Brands? Well Luxury Brands are demanded much more than its non-luxurious counterparts.

Luxury Brands are also created with materials that are more expensive; for instance, a leather handbag tailored by Gucci is made with real leather whereas a handbag made by a non-luxurious brand is made with synthetic leather. This increases the sentimental value of brands like Gucci as they tend to last long as well as keep that “Brand New” look within their products as time passes. The difference between Luxurious Brands and Non-Luxurious brands is merely the quality of their products.


Correlation between Art History and Luxury Fashion:

One main reason Luxurious Brands hold such high sentimental value is their connection to the Arts. As stated earlier the Luxury Brands, which flourish today, were founded centuries ago and therefore are results of many events relating to the Arts such as the Renaissance. The connection between Luxurious goods and the arts is what pushes the buyer to look past expensive prices to purchase these goods as he/she might hold a deep appreciation for the arts. Luxury Brands give Customers the opportunity to wear art! Events such as the Met Gala and/or several awards ceremonies such as the Grammys or Emmys exploit this opportunity as to let viewers appreciate the art.

Semi-Luxurious Brands/Popular Street Wear

Luxurious Brands truly are artistic and hold sentimental value, but as the economy to certain countries diminished so did the budgets of so many buyers of Luxury goods. With this came the rise in popularity of streetwear; Customers still wanted the Sentimental Value held in Luxurious Brands but were hesitant towards spending huge money. So with the collaboration of street artists and tailors came the dawn of a new-era, the Street Wear Era. Popular Brands include Supreme, Bape, Vetements, Gosha Rubchinsky, Raf Simmons; Fear of God etc these brands revolutionized the industry forever as they took Non-Luxurious brands and instilled in them the Sentimental Value of their Luxurious counterparts. These brands increased in popularity amongst Musicians and Artists alike. Street Wear also gave young artists the opportunity to participate in the vastly changing fashion industry!


Collaborations between Luxurious Fashion Brands and Semi Luxurious Fashion Brands

The fashion industry started to see profit in collaborating with Street brands as they could reach younger audiences and promote creativity amongst the youth! The 21st Century is a testimony of this as Fashion has gone to the places it has never gone before.

In Conclusion a “Luxury Fashion Brand” holds many meanings as it has changed in many shapes forms and manners and has appealed to many generations but in what keeps Fashion Brands luxurious is their ability to bridge the gap between Art and Human beings.

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