Question & Answer

When could I get the access to my online subscription of the magazine?

Once you have cleared your payment for the subscription, it normally takes 24 hours.

What is VIP Mode membership?

It is a premium kind of membership which includes various special services. Some of them include:Taking subscription to the print and online version
Access to the VIP section of magazines website
Some of the exclusive and special services
You may get the invitation for some VIP events in the town
Benefits may increase with time

How do I pay for the VIP membership?

You can apply for this membership and can easily pay on a monthly or yearly basis. Paying annually for the subscription is much cheaper than paying monthly.

How do you best describe your magazine?

We are completely fashion focused magazine who highlights some of the entertainment and celebrity related news. We always make sure that we are giving enough information to our readers.

What makes your magazine different from other fashion magazines?

Our magazine stands unique from all the fashion magazines over the world. It has got various sections of public interest like food, lifestyle, success stories and fashion tips. Usually people love to read all categories under one platform. We serve as one complete platter to our readers.

Are you just confined to online?

No, we work both on online and print sector. We print our magazines on a monthly basis. Our online portal is updated everyday.

Basically what you cover in your fashion section?

We cover the show stopping images of some of the well known photographers. We report on everything right from ramp walk to whatever is trending in the fashion sector. We also cover some of the exclusive interviews of great personalities.

As lifestyle is a very broad topic, how do you manage it all?

Yes, indeed lifestyle and fashion is a very broad topic, managing it and writing about it is a very tough job. But our experts are quite genius in doing that efficiently. Apart from fashion and lifestyle we also provide you with wedding ideas and guidelines.

Can photographers submit to your magazines?

Yes, we are open to that,but we are very selective when it comes to our content part. It has to be eyecatching and good enough to be posted on a magazine.

Do you charge for the submission?

Yes we do as we believe that our time is money. Your photographs are viewed by our graphic designer very briefly before publishing in the magazine. They notice every minute points in the picture.

What has to be done to advertise with your magazine?

If you want to advertise with us you can take our email id from our contact page. Again, we are very choosy in this regards. We only publish such advertises which fall into the genre of our magazine. You can mail you your brochure and we will finalize from that.