Top Five Luxury Brands

It is not a secret that, the luxury market is on the top in the past few years and is still climbing. It should come as no surprise given what they offer. Style and status are the calling cards of these high-end brands and if you can afford them then they prove your worth. More than just items of clothing, jewellery or accessories, these luxury brands give the buyer the exclusiveness they crave; the opportunity to raise themselves above the rest. These brands are above all else, a statement that is a statement of wealth and power.


  • Tiffany & Co takes the lowest place on this list with an approximate net value of $5.16 Billion. Formed in the late 1830’s by Mr. Charles Lewis Tiffany, the brand has done nothing but grow since then. They even bought the French crown jewels in the late nineteenth century that just proves how fast they had risen by that point. Today, they produce many varieties of jewellery and perfume.
  • Louis-François founded Cartier in Paris almost two centuries ago. It remained in the family all the way through to the 1960’s. They currently have a worth of $6.1 Billion, which is not surprising since they have catered for a long list of royals over their history. Most recently, they made a watch for Kate Middleton. In addition, although they are best known for their timepieces, they make beautiful jewellery.
  • Hermès was first established as a bridal and harness store in the early 1800’s and quickly gained fame by winning awards until the Czar of Russia employed them to make his saddle. After that, there was no stopping the brand as they took France and other regions of Europe by storm. They are currently worth $5.63 Billion and continue to make a wide range of quality goods including handbags, perfume, furniture and accessories.
  • Gucci has a worth of $9.45 Billion and is known the world over for its handbags and other leather goods. Founded in the late nineteenth century by Mr. Guccio Gucci the brand was distinguished by its high quality and attention to detail.


  • Louis Vuitton was founded one-hundred and sixty-two years ago in Paris. By using aggressive marketing, the brand was able to throw its self into the global market and their luggage and handbags have kept them ahead of the pack ever since. Their timeless designs have made it possible for bags designed over one-hundred years ago to still be highly sought after and cherished by their owners. This incredible ability to stay relevant, even after such a long time, is one of the reasons that Louis Vuitton is the highest grossing brand on this list with a staggering worth of $23.58 Billion.

These top five have kept this title down throughout the years by their ability to adapt with the times whilst also staying true to their origins. They never forgo quality for quantity and the result is plain to see.

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